On September 29, 2019 your West Chester Township Trustees and Staff met with the Butler County Engineers Office (BCEO) to review a) 2019 Road Projects, and b) 2020 Planned Road Improvements.

Earlier this year I wrote an article titled ‘West Chester Twp 2019 Road Projects and Maintenance’. In that article I shared that not all the roads in West Chester are the townships responsibility – there are County, State and Federal roads. In the lists below I identify the political jurisdiction that’s paying for each project as well as the estimated cost.

Before I get into the two lists it will be beneficial to go over some nomenclature and terms. The projects are listed first by road or road segments, second by the year the project started, third by the funding source and responsible jurisdiction, and fourth the estimated cost and status. Abbreviations that are used are LPA, TIF, ODOT and OPWC.  LPA stands for Local Public Agencies, TIF is Tax Increment Financing, ODOT is Ohio Department of Transportation, and OPWC is Ohio Public Works Commission.

2019 Road Projects

  • Fields Ertel Rd (US 42 to Reed Hartman) – 2018, OPWC/Sharonville/WC/BCEO, $2.1M, Complete
  • Mas. Rd (Install two culverts for WC Twp) – 2019, BCEO, Complete
  • Tylersville Interchange (ramps) – 2018, Federal/BCEO, $1.36M, Complete
  • Cin-Day Rd (West Chester Rd. to 1-75) – 2018, LPA/WC BCEO, $7.8M, Complete
  • UCB Interchange (DDI) – 2019, WC TIF, $20M, Completion July 2020
  • 2019 Paving
    o Beckett Rd. – Smith Rd. to Tylersville Rd, $200,000, Complete
    o Cox Rd. – Tylersville Rd. to Liberty Way, $659,000, Complete
    o Port Union Rd. – Fairfield Corp. to SR747, $302,000, Complete
    o Cincinnati Dayton Rd. – 1-75 to Maud-Hughes Rd, $565,000, Complete

2020 Planned Road Improvements

  • Beckett Rd (Beckett Ridge Blvd to Fire Station) – Drainage improvement/Resurfacing, BCEO, $2M
  • Cox Rd (Tylersville to Liberty Way ) – Resurfacing, BCEO, $468,000
  • Lesourdsville-WC Rd. @ Beckett Ridge Blvd – Roundabout, LPA, $1M. *Note: The roundabout construction will require road closure so it will be done during the summer to avoid traffic issues with school.
  • Tylersville Rd, 1-75 to Cox Rd – Phase 2 Widening, Construct additional WB lane. Re-stripe bridge over I-75 to include additional EB lane. BCEO, $1.85M
  • Tylersville Rd Interchange (concrete bridge overlay), ODOT
  • Tylersville Rd @ Chantilly Dr – Add left turn lane, LPA $354,000
  • But-War Rd @ Liberty Way, Intersection improvement, Add EB left turn lanes and NB left turn lanes, OPWC, LPA, $1M
  • Hamilton Mason Rd, Bridge Replacement #7.491 over Gregory Creek, OPWC, $1.8M
  • Various WC Twp roads paving and retracing have yet to be determined.

West Chester Township is committed to continuously maintain and improve our local roads whether they be the township’s, county’s or state’s responsibility. Our close partnership with BCEO has proven to be a great saving for the taxpayers of West Chester! As we continue to mature, it’s critical that we budget aggressively in order to improve as many road miles as possible each year. Doing so will help ensure that our community continues to be one of the ‘Best Places to Live in America’!