My name is Mark Welch and I am one of your elected West Chester Township Trustees. Every other month or so I write a short article to update everyone on township meetings and significant decisions made by the Trustee Board. This article is about Ohio township basics.

There are over 1300 townships in Ohio, each having three elected Trustees and one elected Fiscal Officer. West Chester Township is the largest township in Ohio with about 63,000 residents, we have right around 300 employees, have an annual budget of around $43 million and a geographic area of about 35 square miles.

So what is a Trustee and what do we do? Trustees are the legislative authority in the township and have the responsibility to maintain township roads, cemeteries and parks, and provide for safety services (police and fire) and zoning as residents deem necessary, in other words, to spend the township money wisely! Unlike villages and cities that have a mayor, council people and many layers of government, townships are very efficient requiring only a two-person majority to get things done. Did you know that a Trustee is a paid position? Depending on the size of the township the annual salary ranges from about $8,000 to just over $22,000.

In West Chester, the Board meets on the second and fourth Tuesday’s at 6:00pm in the Township Hall located at the corner of West Chester and Cin-Day Rds. All meetings are open to residents, property owners and business owners so feel free to come to the meetings, sit in on the action and voice your opinion on everything we do. Our Township Administrator is Larry Burks. He and the rest of the staff work tirelessly to ensure that West Chester continues to rank on Money Magazines ‘Best Places to Live in America’ list. We’ve achieved this honor seven times and most recently in 2018 as the 38th best place to live.

Please call the township at 513-777-5900 if you have questions, concerns, praise or just want to say “Hi”!

As I report to you updates in the future, I know we may not always agree on decisions the Trustees make for the township, but I know we all love West Chester Township and Beckett Ridge. I promise to always do the research so I can separate the ‘fact from the fiction’ and render a vote that I hope you can be proud of and support.