Roads in West Chester Township are one of the big three “core competencies” the township focuses on to maintain our community image, maintain property values and provide safe, reliable passage for our residents, property owners and businesses.

Before I get into the 2019 project list, I’d like to share some interesting ‘WC Road Facts’.

West Chester is responsible for and maintains 223 miles of road in the Township, handling everything from snow removal to sweeping to paving. The staff of the road division, part of the Community Services Department, also maintains and repairs curbs, berms, catch basins, culverts, and potholes; trims overgrown trees in right-of-way; mows right-of-way along Township streets and cleans ditches.

Did you know that not all the roads in West Chester are the townships responsibility? West Chester has a geographic footprint of 35 square miles and in that area, there are not only Township roads, but County and State roads. The roads listed below are the responsibility of the government entity that owns them, so remember they’re in charge of maintenance, paving AND snow removal!

County maintained roads are:
o Beckett Rd from Tylersville to West Chester Rd (see below 2019 project),
o Cincinnati Dayton Rd (all) (see below 2019 project),
o Cox Road from Tylersville Road to Liberty Way (see below 2019 project),
o Crescentville Road from Ohio 4 to Cincinnati Dayton Road,
o Hamilton Mason Road from Tylersville Road to Ohio 747,
o Lakota Drive West – all,
o Muhlhauser Road from Fairfield Corp to West Chester Road,
o Port Union Road from Fairfield Corp to Ohio 747 (see below 2019 project),
o Smith Road from Ohio 747 to Beckett Road,
o Tylersville Road from Hamilton Corp to Warren County line (see below 2019 project),
o Union Centre Boulevard from Fairfield Corp to Cincinnati Dayton Road (see below 2019 project),
o West Chester Road from Beckett Road to Cincinnati Dayton Road,
o All bridges in Butler County.

State maintained roads are:
o SR 747 (Princeton-Glendale Rd),
o US 42 (Cincinnati Columbus Rd),
o I-75

West Chester has an amazing partnership with the Butler County Engineers Office, BCEO, that has resulted in a savings to West Chester taxpayers of nearly $3,000,000 over the past seven years, and additional savings of approximately $400,000 are anticipated in 2019 through shared services and utilizing TIF for eligible projects.

West Chester road maintenance is funded by property tax. The tax rate is 0.79 mills, or $24.19 per $100,000 valuation per year. To find out exactly what you pay for our roads per year, go to the Butler County Auditor website and look up your home value. If your home value is $200,000, then the portion of your property tax that goes to roads is $48.38. Not bad for great roads!
In addition to this funding, West Chester transfers another $1.5 million from the General Fund every year to support road maintenance (started in 2009).

In 2019, the biggest and most expensive project that West Chester has planned is the Union Centre Blvd / I-75 Interchange where we’re going to convert the existing bridge deck to a Divergent Double Diamond. The improvement includes adding lanes to the ramps, installing ramp metering and signals at the ends of entrance ramps, installing sidewalks and new mast arm signals. The cost is around $14 million dollars and it’s funded by the Union Centre Blvd TIF (Tax Increment Financing).

Additionally, the Township has budgeted $3.15 million for road and infrastructure improvements. These improvements include:
• $400,000 for repair/replacement of 27 sections of culvert pipe,

• $500,000 for curb replacement,
• $150,000 for slurry seal of 2.8 miles of roadway,
• $900,000 for repaving, including an additional $1.2 million from TIF districts to repave roads in the respective TIF areas, totaling approximately 10 miles of Township roads.

Remember earlier when I listed the County and State maintained roads? It’s important to know that, in addition to the money that West Chester Township is investing in our roads, the County and State are 

also investing in the roads that they’re responsible for. So, in the 2019 Project List that follows, I’ll indicate which entity is paying for the improvement.

BECKETT RD – Smith Rd to Tylersville Rd, Resurfacing (asphalt), 0.7 mile. Est cost: $200,022, Funding: Butler County Engineers Office (BCEO)

BECKETT RD along bike path and roadway between fire station and Beckett Ridge Blvd, Drainage improvements, resurfacing, Modify crosswalk at Beckett Ridge Blvd. Est cost: $1,651,000, Funding: BCEO

BENNINGTON DR Bridge #00.833 – Repair – pour concrete bottom, Road closure possible. Start: mid-Jul. Completion: 4-5 days. Est cost: $30,000. Funding: BCEO FA

CEDAR CREEK DR Bridge #00.037 – Repair – pour concrete bottom, Road closure possible. Start: late Jul. Completion: 4-5 days. Est cost: $30,000. Funding: BCEO FA

CINCINNATI DAYTON RD – West Chester Rd to Station Rd / LeSourdsville WC Rd to I-75, Roadway improvement – widen to 4 lanes, add sidewalks, replace bridge on Station Rd and realign Station at intersection. Project begun in 2018. Completion: Fall 2019. Some closures necessary. Cost: $7,793,109. Funding: Fed, local

CINCINNATI DAYTON RD – I-75 to Maud Hughes Rd, Resurfacing (asphalt),1.3 miles. Est cost: $565,036, Funding: BCEO

COX RD – Tylersville Rd to Liberty Way, Resurfacing (asphalt), 1.1 miles. Est cost: $659,393, Funding: BCEO

FIELDS ERTEL RD – U.S. 42 to east of Bennington Dr. Roadway improvement – widen lanes, rehab pavement, install curb and gutter, bridge replacement, sidewalk along north side. Project begun in 2018. Road closed. Completion: mid-2019. Est cost: $2,097,000. Funding: State OPWC, City of Sharonville, WC Twp, BCEO, Hamilton County Engineers Office.

HAMILTON MASON RD – Culverts #05.422 and #05.452, Replacement, nearby drainage improvements. Road closure necessary. Start: mid-Jun. Completion: 1 mo. Est cost: $120,000. Funding: WC Twp (materials), BCEO FA (labor)

PORT UNION RD – Fairfield Corp to Ohio 747, Resurfacing (asphalt), 0.4 mile. Est cost: $302,153, Funding: BCEO

TYLERSVILLE RD – I-75 to Cox Rd, plus bridge over I-75, Roadway improvement – widening, phase 2. Construct additional WB lane. Re-stripe bridge over I-75 to include additional EB lane. Construction mainly at night. Est cost: $1,845,000. Funding: BCEO

TYLERSVILLE RD / I-75 INTERCHANGE – Interchange improvement – Add turn lanes to exit ramps, add turn lane EB Tylersville to SB I-75, upgrade signals and signage. Project begun in 2018. Completion: spring 2019. Est cost: $1,362,096, Funding: Fed, BCEO

UNION CENTRE BLVD – RR overpass to Ohio 747, Resurfacing (asphalt),1.0 mile. Est cost: $206,836, Funding: BCEO

UNION CENTRE BLVD / I-75 INTERCHANGE – Interchange modification – convert to Divergent Double Diamond, add lanes to ramps, install ramp metering and signals at ends of entrance ramps, install sidewalks and new mast arm signals, Est cost: $18,500,000. Funding: WC Twp UCB-TIF

West Chester’s successful local economy and sustainability of property values can be attributed in part to our ideal geographic location and to the investment of more than $300 million over the past two decades in public infrastructure. As West Chester Township matures, it’s critical that we budget aggressively in order to improve as many road miles as possible each year. Doing so will help ensure that our community continues to be one of the ‘Best Places to Live in America’!