Mark Welch has Experience!
Mark Welch has a Results Oriented Record (see below)!
Mark Welch makes Promises and Keeps them (see below)!

As a Trustee in West Chester Township, Mark’s conservative, no-nonsense leadership helped secure West  Chester’s ‘Best Places to Live in America’ in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 AND Best Place to Live in Ohio 2019!

“When you achieve an honor like ‘Best Places to Live in America’ once, it may be an accident.  When you get multiple times, we’re doing something “on purpose with intention”! 


My Accomplishments as a West Chester Trustee!


  • Promised to make ZONING IN West Chester MORE BUSINESS FRIENDLY, ESPECIALLY TO SMALL BUSINESSES – DONE – Appointed Business Friendly, Win:Win minded individuals to the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals!
  • Promised GREATER TRANSPARENCY IN WC FINANCES – DONE – Championed TOTAL Transparency of township revenues, spending and service performance and after three years of research and analysis purchased OpenGov Smart Government Platform and OpenGov Open Data that provides both quantitative AND qualitative information! Launching October 2017.
  • Promised GREATER POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY – DONE – Championed the purchase of Body Worn Cameras for our Police Department and after four years of research and investigation purchased the Axon Enterprises solution (with 5 year maintenance contract) for $151,999.05 at our September 26, 2017 meeting.
  • Higher Functioning Zoning that’s Business Friendly!
  • Streets of West Chester Revitalized – Civic Centre Blvd extension opened earlier this year costing $5 million and connecting to Allen Rd. Streets of West Chester is emerging as West Chester’s Entertainment District.
  • Partnered with BCEO Engineer, Greg Wilkens to design and construct the Union Centre Blvd I-75 Interchange with the improved Divergent Diamond Interchange to more safely, move more traffic on and off I-75. 
  • Nearly 1,500 acres (1,469) of new shopping, dining and entertainment amenities have been developed (or are under construction) in West Chester since 2014.
  • Negotiated with Continental Properties, Menomonee Falls, WI to re-imagine their proposed garden-style apartment project in the West Chester Central Business District, to a development that was new, upscale and ‘urbanesque’. Continental totally redesigned the apartment offering, spending more than $7M on the project design and construction.
  • Pushed back on the Becket Kroger Marketplace developer to protect the residents north of Tylersville Rd in Providence Manor by demanding the green space buffering be installed in Phase I, not Phase II.
  • Voted against the $13M bike paths proposed by the Miami-to-Miami Trails and the Green Umbrella Group in May 2018, arguing that an investment of that magnitude should be on the ballot and approved by the people.
  • Sold the Station Road Schoolhouse to the Historical Society for $1.00 eliminating a non-performing asset from our books and giving the Historical Society a home and a place to preserve our rich past.
  • In October 2018 discovered that our insurance provider, Aetna, was compelled by the Affordable Care Act to offer medical coverage for unconditional abortions on demand. Legal research revealed that Ohio had passed legislation that prohibited the compelled coverage and limited the scope of abortion coverage to health of the mother, rape and incest. If the original motion had been approved, West Chester would have been breaking Ohio law! Township insurance was modified and we were compliant with the law.
  • Trustees approved an agreement in April 2019 with the National Research Center to conduct a National Citizen Survey of West Chester to find out what residents thought of their township and offer recommendations for improvements.
  • Approved $20M funding in May 2019 for the Butler County Engineers to start construction of the Union Centre Boulevard Diverging Diamond Interchange Improvement.
  • Money allocated from the 747 TIF and construction was approved to replace the outdated Fire Station 73 on Duff  with a new one. Targeted completion is 3rd qtr 2021.


My objectives are:

  • Keep West Chester Township Competitive, Marketable and Sustainable.
  • Create New Jobs and Retained Existing Jobs through Business Development.
  • Strengthen Schools with Increased Taxation Derived from Commercial and Manufacturing Growth.
  • Shine an Honest Light on Township Spending.
  • Keep West Chester as One of the “Best Places to Live in America.