2020 is the year that will primarily be remembered as the year of COVID-19, but many “business as usual” events and projects occurred, one of them being the 2020 Census.

West Chester Township 2020 Census Statistics

The 2020 Census counted every person living in the United States and five U.S. territories – once, only once, and in the right place. The census has been conducted every 10 years by the U.S. Census Bureau since 1790 with the results determining our congressional representation in Washington D. C. as well as federal funding for state and local communities. Every year, more than $675 billion goes toward hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads and more.

Once again West Chester Township is the largest township in Ohio with 63,918 residents, followed by Colerain Township with 59,082 residents and Green Township with 58,943 residents, both located in Hamilton County.

Our neighbor to the north, Liberty Township has 39,236 residents.

As we breakdown the West Chester population, we find that 75.5% is 18 years and older and 14.8% are 65 and older. This is not a surprise, but what was surprising is the median age of 39.3 years. I thought the median age would have been older due to the “maturity” of our community and older housing stock.

In comparison, Liberty Township’s population is 70.6% 18 years and older and 9.1% 65 years and older with a median age of 38.3 years.

The Residences at Clock Tower in Central Business District West Chester OH

Considering the 65 and older folks in both West Chester and Liberty, West Chester has significantly more retired people who have ‘retired in place’ with 9460 people vs. Liberty Township’s 3570 people. I consider the 65 and older group extremely important to our local economy because they’ve worked a lifetime to create wealth and if they move they take it with them. Referring to last month’s article about ‘West Chester Township 2020 Year in Review’, I mentioned two upscale, urban multi-story complexes with 300+ units each that are underway in West Chester. These luxury residential developments will be great options for retired homeowners to downsize and stay in West Chester!

Here’s another surprise, the census determined that the Median Household Income in West Chester is $92,109, but in Liberty it’s $123,701 – over $30,000 more per household! Analyzing the data from the Income and Poverty Charts for both communities gives us a clue about the disparity. In West Chester the households that make over $100,000 per year is 47.1% where in Liberty it’s 63%. Considering that West Chester has 23,534 homes and Liberty has 12,545, the raw numbers tell us that 11,085 households in West Chester exceed the $100k mark and 7,903 in Liberty exceed it.

As important as the 2020 Census was to gathering West Chester Township’s vital statistics for future growth and prosperity, the history of West Chester’s incredible commercial and residential development is enviable and inspiring! The stead-fast fiscally conservative leadership of elected officials and visionary investors has gone beyond community expectations. West Chester’s pro-business and no earnings tax environment offers a diverse and rich local economy where companies thrive, and astute employers have found the available sites, buildings and workforce it requires to expand and grow successful business operations in West Chester Township!

West Chester Township Commercial Growth and Development 1997 – 2020

Over the last twenty three (23) years and since the opening of the Union Centre Boulevard interchange, West Chester has reaped more than $3.8 billion in new investment, more than 40.5 million square feet in new construction and more than 43,600 new jobs!

Today, West Chester Township has emerged as the economic epicenter of the Cincinnati-Dayton region being home to more than 3,600 businesses and nearly 51,600 daily employees and has the highest assessed valuation in the Greater Cincinnati region, only behind the City of Cincinnati, at nearly $2.1 billion!

West Chester Community Value Comparison 2019

We’re all fortunate and blessed to live in a community like West Chester Township which has been honored eight times in recent years as a great place to live. Using the 2020 census data, we’ll better understand our resident’s and corporate partner’s future needs, so township leadership will continue to make wise and informed decisions on how to best serve and protect our community.

To find out more about what the 2020 Census revealed about West Chester demographics go to the link provided below.